Unexpected things: Bye bye, OpenLiteSpeed

After having absolutely no end of unexpected performance issues over on Space City Weather during the Houston “deep freeze” event of 2023, it seems likely that the core problem comes down to OpenLiteSpeed (or its PHP implementation) being unable to handle the traffic rush with the resources I’m willing to give it. This is disappointing, as I’ve been enjoying learning OpenLiteSpeed.

But so it goes. I’ve ripped out OLS in favor of Nginx, this time with FastCGI caching rather than leaning on Varnish. I’m publishing this little blog post on my personal blog just to make sure that the cache invalidation I’m doing on new post publication works—that kind of thing is annoyingly important. Fingers crossed, let’s see!

Update: Hey, it works—cached version of the front page was invalidated and a new one was served up with the blog post. This is good news!