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A working Varnish 4 config for WordPress 4.4

Adapting my extremely crufty Varnish 3.x config to Varnish 4 took most of a weekend. I found a great VCL3-to-4 script that did a lot of the heavy lifting, but there were a lot of little things to chase down and fix; the VCL syntax between versions 3 and 4 is just different enough to cause headaches.…

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WordPress, Varnish, Jetpack, and SSL/HSTS

If you're self-hosting WordPress on the HAProxy + Varnish + Nginx stack we've long talked about here at BigDino, you might have run into a few configuration quirks during set-up that went outside the scope of our blog entries a bit. One of those quirks is getting WordPress working with Jetpack.…

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Why leave Octopress for Ghost?

After a year of semi-regular blogging with Octopress, though, I was just kind of...bored with it. Blogging with vim and banging out a static site and pushing it via rsync was cool, but ultimately it just wasn't as convenient as I'd wanted it to be.…

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