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WordPress, Varnish, Jetpack, and SSL/HSTS

If you're self-hosting WordPress on the HAProxy + Varnish + Nginx stack we've long talked about here at BigDino, you might have run into a few configuration quirks during set-up that went outside the scope of our blog entries a bit. One of those quirks is getting WordPress working with Jetpack.…

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Securing Openfire clients

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. The last post on Openfire (discussing how to add SSL/TLS certificates) proved to be pretty popular, and I've gotten more than one request for a follow-on about securing Openfire clients—that is, forcing them to communicate with the Openfire server using only an ecrypted SSL/TLS connection rather than cleartext. In this post we'll go through how to configure three popular IM applications to use SSL/TLS with Openfire. I'll also add notes about how to enable OTR messaging encryption on two of those IM clients. TLS encrypti…

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Openfire and SSL/TLS certificates

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. I'm a huge fan of StartCom's StartSSL service—these days there are no few certificate authorities who will get you free or low-cost SSL/TLS certificates, but the customer service experiences I've had with StartSSL have been outstanding. They respond to e-mail very quickly, sometimes within minutes, and that's what keeps me using them. has been rocking the HTTPS ever since I came across this Ars Technica article a couple of years ago detailing how to get free SSL/TLS certificates for your web site. Once y…

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Reverse-proxying to a Drobo

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. Some time ago, I bought a Drobo FS to use as a home NAS device. My reasons for going with the Drobo instead of either rolling my own with something like FreeNAS or using a faster home NAS box from Synology or QNAP are complex, but they come down to a desire for an extremely simple-to-use NAS that I can throw hard disks into without worrying about doing anything at all with the disk layout (for a lot more on why and how, check part one of my two-part Ars Technica Drobo FS review). I gained many things coming to the Drobo…

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