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A blogging platform for the future

I've gotten along fine with Octopress for the Bigdino blog for a couple of years now; I enjoy the speed of a blog made entirely of static files, and I enjoy Octopress's responsive design (courtesy of its Jekyll underpinnings). But there are two constants in the world of blogging: "Sorry I haven't updated in so long" posts, and "I've change my blogging platform!" posts. This is both the former and the latter. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've changed my blogging platform. This is Ghost. Adding images is hella sweet, too! Discuss this post on the BigDinosaur forums…

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Working on a new comment system

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. In the previous post, I walked through setting up Discourse, a Ruby-based web forum. I'm in the process of shifting this blog's comment system from Disqus, which I've never been wholly comfortable with, over to using Discourse instead. There is being done via a plug-in for Octopress currently under development by one of the posters over at the main Discourse development forum. Why ditch Disqus? There are several reasons, but the biggest is the privacy concerns. Disqus tracks users' movement across Disqus-enabled web sit…

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Platforms and value judgments

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. N.B. This is a personal post. I promise to keep this kind of thing extremely rare, and to do more technical posts soon. My name is Lee, and I am a Mac user. There, I said it. I'm a dirty, dirty Mac user, and I'm okay with that. My intent with this blog was for it to remain purely technical, with no personal entries at all; I've been down that road before with my last blog and it didn't end well. However, an article went up this past weekend on Ars where the staff posted pictures of their office desks, and the amount of…

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Turning on comments

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. Turned on comments. God help us. The last time I had a blog with comments on it was six years ago and it was a spammy disaster. I hope we fare better here. Integrating Disqus comments with Octopress is ludicrously easy—simply sign up for Disqus (it's free), then paste your account's short name into _config.yml in the root of your Octopress directory and...and that's it. I suppose if you want to do something more you can sign up for Akismet, a similarly-free antispam service. That should help to keep things nice and clea…

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My God, how did I get here?

This is an old post. It may contain broken links and outdated information. I had a blog once, a long time ago. It's still around, for the curious, though it's not been updated in dog's years. Blogging is horrible and tiresome activity—one that made me feel rushed when I was updating and guilty when I wasn't. Yet, here we are. I think I'm doing this again for the experience of doing it with some modern software. My first blog ran Greymatter, a positively ancient piece of blogging software which its creator had abandoned even before I started using it. It let me shit out banalities as if they we…

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