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Why leave Octopress for Ghost?

After a year of semi-regular blogging with Octopress, though, I was just kind of...bored with it. Blogging with vim and banging out a static site and pushing it via rsync was cool, but ultimately it just wasn't as convenient as I'd wanted it to be.…

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A blogging platform for the future

I've gotten along fine with Octopress for the Bigdino blog for a couple of years now; I enjoy the speed of a blog made entirely of static files, and I enjoy Octopress's responsive design (courtesy of its Jekyll underpinnings). But there are two constants in the world of blogging: "Sorry I haven't updated in so long" posts, and "I've change my blogging platform!" posts. This is both the former and the latter. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've changed my blogging platform. This is Ghost. Adding images is hella sweet, too! Discuss this post on the BigDinosaur forums…

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