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About me

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About me Me.

My name is Lee and this is my blog. I tinker with things and write down what happens.

I am an editor at Ars Technica where I have written quite a few things.

I like to write about manned space flight. For example, here's a bit on how NASA trains astronauts in the giant Neutral Buoyancy Lab pool. Here's a piece I did on how the Apollo Mission Control Room works and what all the consoles do. Here's something on how the engineers at Marshall are bringing the monstrous F-1 rocket engine back to life. And here's a long piece on the bold plan that might have saved the lives of the Columbia crew.

I write other stuff, too, but so far those are the pieces I'm proudest of.

You can follow me on twitter at @lee_ars, or e-mail me at lee@bigdinosaur.org.